Hello there,

I am 52, a mum of 3 estranged children from my divorce 7 years ago, remarried and happy with a man who shows me love and laughter every day.

I also have Multiple Sclerosis, this started as Relapsing Remitting but is now secondary progressive so a type of palliative care is about all I receive.

This disease has taken my mobility, messed with my mind, left me depressed, anxious and pessimistic.

I lost my family as I had an addiction 7 years ago, after much counselling, I came through the other side.  Something I would never have done had I stayed where I was.  I was in a rut, surrounded, but alone.  Thats how it felt, all part of the twisted addiction.

Aside from hospital appointments, I dont leave my home, my joy was my garden but I cant even do that now.  My eyesight is going, my hair is dropping out, my teeth are dropping out, I currently have a lump in my breast, have had one lump removed before, have had surgery for a collapsed lung and hey ho, such is life.

I am owned by Cats, two are standard British shorthairs, the other is a Maine Coon.

They rule both me and my husband and we love it.

So there you are thats me, boring, overweight, once ginger and vibrant, now faded and worn out.

This blog is brutally honest, truthful, and real, this is me below, I dont look like this now, I look what I am, worn out, exhausted and ill.  Most of all very very sad.

Welcome to my world…..



Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.21.55





10 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. We have some things in common– the estrangement thing most of all. You cannot change yesterday, but sister God didn’t die for you and give you the precious gift of reception for nothing. So take the gift and love as much as you can however you can. Welcome.

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      1. I completely understand. But I know in my case that I have actually made many improvements and strides. Can you make a list of your character traits years ago, faults and good points and then do the same today and see improvement for yourself? If so then you need to hold on to that fact. We are all products of circumstances and everything is not equal. As long as you are making progress on your faults and moving more toward the good side.

        As for the kids, I’ve come to realize that their journey is theirs and they may actually have a lot happening on the bad/fault side too. And for them, it is easy to blame parents and not deal with their own issues. I did cause them pain and I take responsibility all day long for it, but for them to continue to hold a grudge or want to hurt me does not bode well for their developing characters. It would be nice if they would show some sign here and there. My son does call and stop by, but it is only if he needs something.

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  2. I wanted to post a reply under the post “Busy Bee” but didn’t see a place to comment there. I loved the pictures of your flower gardens. What a beautiful sanctuary! You have an artistic gift when it comes to gardening. ❤ I'm sorry that you are not able to tend them yourself any longer. That has to be very difficult for you. I'm glad that your husband is willing to tend to them in your stead and follow your guidance. He sounds like a treasure! Have a blessed day! ❤

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