The first year ever I did not have a bet in the National, for obvious reasons, I did have two paper bets and both fell.

But I was thinking of Dad, looking through all the racecards he gave me from all those visits to Aintree.  He went every year, they walked the course, ate and drank, had a bet in each race and normally a thoroughly good day was had by all.

I always remember us going to Nanna’s where dad used to be picked up from – he loved his days at Aintree, I was honoured when he gave me his racecards and have kept them all safely for all these years.

I thought of you a lot today dad, I wished you could have been here, my mind drifted back to the days in Malton, where you ran up and down to the bookies, putting on all our national bets.  You loved your racing.

I also remember at Stapleton, asking you who was Grebyl Starkey, you taught me about a few other jockeys, they went on to be trainers, so many years later.

Your in my thoughts every day dad, I hope you have saved me a seat beside you beyond the pearly gates, you might be seeing me sooner than you thought.



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