The sun is shining this morning, the garden is looking refreshed after its mass cut back and weed last week.  Seedlings are growing, more seeds planted, plug plants have been put into bigger pots and all is now ready for new growth.

I was bathed this morning, fresh clothes, a good hairwash, hair clipped back, does wonders for the spirit, feel clean, a little body spray and I feel like a new woman.

I had to have some cream put on to some of my “apron” and my “private parts” as for the last 6 months my lymph glands have been swelling and bursting open, then having to be creamed and dressed until they heal and the next breakout happens.

District nurse attends quickly and my MS nurse is fabulous in organising immediate appointments for me on receipt of an email with pictures.

It is so nice to feel clean, its such a small thing, but trust me when you cant bathe yourself, cant wash your own hair its a huge thing.  Powdered with talcum powder I feel much better.

The sun shining always lifts the blues, and both kittens have shot outdoors, the post lady has delivered me a small bag of compost this morning, so no doubt Mike will be loading up my next lot of seedlings into it later, in a few months my garden should once again be flowing with colour.

My breast is still itching like mad, still as red as, tender and hot to the touch, and scaring myself silly reading descriptions of Inflammatory Breast Cancer which is what my doctor is referring me for, mammogram, ultrasound and punch biopsy, none of which sound pleasant, although the first two I had 18 months ago with the last lump.

In fact I have had more than my share of lumps and bumps, having also had a sarcoma removed from my rear leg.

I must pray harder and more often I think.  Still at least my lips are back pink again not blue like they were in 2015 when my lung collapsed and I had to undergo the Robotic Diaphragm Plication by Joel Dunning in Middlesborough he kindly sent me photos of my insides too lol.

Robotic diaphragm plication




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