This morning I spoke with the Richardson Clinic who anticipate that next Monday may very well be B-Day.

They explained it will be a mammogram, ultrasound and finishing with a punch biopsy.

Since yesterday all my lymph nodes are now raised and swollen, whilst the redness has gone I now have 2 lumps palpable and still featuring some orange peel skin.

My husband is beside himself and of course if fretting like mad, my bezzy mate even rang me to offer comfort, and me, well Im fairly chilled, apart from the stabbing pains, the itching and the size of my breast growing by the day, after all what will be will be, no point worrying about things out of my control.

I think the time to worry is when a diagnosis is confirmed, until then its just lumps and bumps which of course could be anything at all.

Here’s hoping

***** Breaking News all day appointment at Breast Cancer Clinic 18th April


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