I have recently been under the Consultants of Chancellor wing at Jimmy’s.  I have undergone a barrage of tests, it seems I have apnoea, I am to be admitted within the next couple of months for treatment.

Aside from that I am planning to have bariatric surgery at some point, in the meantime I am doing a liver shrinkage diet so far have lost 7kg.

I am hoping that something is finally done and sorted as the life I have currently is no life at all really, I cant walk, I dont want to eat, and I suffer severe anxiety.  I have always been one to live life on the edge of my nerves, but the MS is playing games with me currently.

My left kidney appears to be full of stones causing me severe back pain, so along with the spinal stenosis and the spondylosis in my neck and the arthritic hands and knees, if I was a horse you would shoot me.

Will update as and when.





One thought on “Health update

  1. My Dad and sister both have aponea. I am curious what kind of treatment you will get. My sister uses a Cpap machine when she sleeps and my Dad sleeps more upright in a recliner to stop it. Hang in there!

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