Decided it was time to try and lose the weight myself whilst waiting for the Bariatric surgery, managed to lose 7kg so far.  Its hard as I cant walk, and have no strength in my leg muscles to exercise.

Also decided after 4 years in our home we would be staying here, we are happy here so set about making a mood board for the lounge.  It really needed a complete re vamp.



It was a horrid mustard brown when we arrived, we brightened it a little but it was a make do job.  Mustard and claret.

The first task to face was 4 walls and a ceiling of woodchip paper, purchase of

Vinyl Silk white for ceiling

Paint for walls

Satin wood for woodwork

and decided Paper for the chimney breast.



So chose the paint above the Lawrence LLewellyn Paper below it, 3 pieces of artwork for the walls, vertical blind for window, new rug and asked our housing are putting in the above fire for us.

Still need a carpet and a sofa, but hell we live below the breadline so we have to save and buy when we can.


Photo on 29-07-2017 at 16.59

This was the challenge that faced us

buy my husband coped admirably



Taking his time and bit by bit the walls were cleared, the ceiling was a proper pig to strip but worth it to see a smooth ceiling.

Photo on 01-08-2017 at 17.36 2

So today the glossing was finished, just the papering to do.  Hopefully tomorrow or sunday or over both days if necessary.  Not easy to do with 3 cats!


Daisy drinking from the tap, Shadow waiting patiently behind and Molly is outside looking for slugs snails and mice!!

I am so proud of Mike for doing what he has, with all the other things he has to do for me in daily cares, feeding me, bathing me, dressing me, I am blessed.

I had the joy of seeing my friend in Castleford get married last week.  Congratulations to you both.




Finally had a new carpet fitter and the room is done




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